Our kids are all feeling overwhelmed, scared and uncertain right now.  Their extracurricular activities and birthday parties are being canceled.  Playdates and family gatherings are now done through zoom and remote learning has replaced the social connection our children need.

I have two children with two very different personalities.  One is thriving at home while the other is struggling to find normalcy in a new normal that does not include school, playgrounds, and friends.  No matter how your child is handling the challenges of life at home, journal prompts will help them process their feelings.  Keeping a journal while living through what may be the greatest historical event of their time, will be something they will appreciate later in life.

Pandemic Journal Prompts for Kids

Journal prompts for kids during a pandemic

Kids are not always able to express their feelings directly.  Feelings may come out in tears or anger.  You may experience behavior challenges, meltdowns or avoidance. Journaling is a powerful tool for sorting through our feelings and processing our emotions during this challenging time.

Journal prompts for kids will encourage them to process the thoughts and feelings they are experiencing.  To help with this and encourage our kids to use this tool, I have created free printable worksheets that ask the following questions.

  • How are you feeling during this time?
  • What has changed for you since the pandemic began?
  • What positive things have happened since the pandemic began?

The worksheets include space for writing and drawing.  There is also a page of ten additional journal prompts to use with your kids.

These journal pages will create a safe space for your kids to work through their emotions.  It also creates a keepsake for them to look back on.  These are moments in our history that will have a lasting impact on us all.  Your kids will appreciate having a journal of their thoughts.

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