Growth Mindset for Kids

We all know our children will face many challenges as they learn and grow through life.  How they respond to those challenges is the result of their mindset.  Teaching a growth mindset will help set your children up for success.  One of our favorite ways to teach a growth mindset it through growth mindset books for kids!

Growth Mindset Books for Kids

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What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is the belief that we develop skills and knowledge through effort, persistence and practice.  A fixed mindset is the believe that intelligence and skills can not be changed or improved upon.  When we teach our children to view failure as an opportunity for growth we are teaching them to be flexible and resilient, follow their dreams and persevere through challenges.


How do you teach a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset is a lifelong journey.  Teaching our children to have a growth mindset from an early age will help set them up for success in the future.

Our children are always learning from us and modeling a growth mindset is one of the most powerful ways to teach one.  Growth mindset activities for kids can be incorporated into your day to day routines and growth mindset books for kids can be incorporated into your library.  Using these tools will help your child develop a growth mindset naturally.


Growth mindset books for parents and teachers


Growth mindset work is becoming more and more popular both at home and in the classroom.  Yeah!  One of the easiest ways to teach a growth mindset is by reading with your kids.  There have been some amazing books published in the last few years, along with some classics.  Choosing books that teach about taking risks, fear of failure, determination and persistence will help teach your children to have a growth mindset.

Here are 20 of our favorite growth mindset read aloud books:

After the Fall by Dan Santat – Terrified of heights after his famous fall, Humpty can no longer do many of the things he loves most. Can he summon the courage to face his fear?


The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds – A journey of surprise and self-discovery, this fable is a story about the creative spirit in all of us.


The Magical Yet by Angela Deterlizzi – This book is all about turning a negative into a positive while learning to cope with the difficult moments we all face.  It’s a reminder that we all have things we haven’t learned yet!


How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers – A sweet story about a boy who loved stars so much that he decided to catch one on his own.  When he’s ready to give up he learns that some things aren’t where, or what, we expect them to be.


The Book of Mistakes by Corrina Luyken – A funny and unique story about an artist who incorporates accidental splotches, spots and misshapen things into her art.  This story shows readers that even the biggest “mistakes” can be the source of the brightest ideas—and that we are all a work in progress.


Drum Dream Girl by Margarita Engle – An inspiring story about a girl who had to keep her drumming secret.  When her music was finally heard everyone realized that both boys and girls should be free to drum and dream.


Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall – A touching story that tells about a moment between a boy and his patient and encouraging father.


Saturday is Swimming Day by Hyewon Yum – This is a very relatable and encouraging story about a nervous swimmer who gains confidence little by little to overcome her fears.



Rose Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty – What some people see as garbage, Rosie sees as inspiration.  Afraid of failure she hides her inventions away until her great great Aunt Rose shows her that failure is something to celebrate.


Beautiful Oops, by Barney Saltzberg – An important life lesson that shows us that it’s OK to make mistakes!


The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper – This classic tale of the little engine that could shows us that when you believe you can do it, you can!


The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires – This clever, funny and charming picture book is about the rewards of perseverance and creativity.



What do You do with a Chance? By Kobi Yamada – A great story about what amazing things can happen when you take a chance.


My Strong Mind: A Story About Developing Mental Strength by Niels Van Hove – This is an excellent story about goal setting, positive self-talk, accepting failure, visualization, gratitude and more.


I Can’t do the Yet by Esther Cordova – Emma learns that instead of saying “I can’t do that” she can say “I can’t do that YET!”


Whistle for Williie by Ezra Jack Keats – Another classic tale about a boy who learns to whistle.  This teaches you to keep trying. 


Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle by Chris Raschka – This walks you through a father teaching his daughter to learn to ride a bike, as well as what it feels like to fail, get up, fail again and finally learn to ride.


Flight School by Lita Judge – A persevering penguin is determined to fly.  Penguin has an irrepressible spirit, and he adamantly follows his dreams to flip, flap, fly!


A Splash of Red by Jen Bryant – The story about a boy who loved to draw, until he was shot.  He slowly regained use of his arm and persevered until he could once again paint.


Emmanuel’s Dream by Laurie Ann Thompson – A powerful message that disability is not inability.


How can I help my child develop a growth mindset?

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