Free Affirmation Cards for Kids

Encourage a positive growth mindset with these affirmation cards for kids.  This is a 5 page digital download PDF that includes 40 affirmations cards for kids.  Print at home and laminate the cards if desired.

Each card includes a positive affirmation and a small task to enforce the affirmation each day.

What are affirmations?
Affirmations are statements that you say over and over and over again until they penetrate into your subconscious mind.  They reprogram your mind to shut the negativity out and let positivity in.

Why use affirmation cards?
Affirmations for children can reduce anxiety, encourage creative thinking, inspire a growth mindset, improve their well-being and boost self-esteem.

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Affirmation Cards for Kids

Free Lunch Box Notes!

Surprise your kids at school with these encouragement cards in their lunch box!  These free lunchbox notes offer words of affirmation to remind your kids just how awesome and loved they are.  This positive reinforcement will help improve self-esteem, confidence and improve performance.

Kids love to be acknowledged – imagine how your kids will light up at school when they find a quick note from you.

This is a free printable download which includes 3 pages and 24 total cards to print and cut at home.

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free lunchbox notes for kids

Free Would You Rather? Questions

This 3 page PDF includes 150 would you rather questions.  Print and keep in your car or bag to have on hand during long car rides, waiting in lines or at doctor’s appointments.  This is also a fun family game for the dinner table or family game night.  Would you rather games provide hours of silly and through provoking entertainment for the entire family.


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free would you rather questions printable pdf

Free Kindness & Compliment Log

This kindness challenge will encourage your children to treat each other with respect and kindness while learning to acknowledge each other’s strengths, accomplishments and effort.

The idea is to work toward a common goal by finding and acknowledging when each other does something kind, helpful or really awesome.  Simply print this log, chose a special way to celebrate when it’s complete and put it on your refrigerator (or any other central place in your house).  Each time someone in the house witnesses one of these acts write it down on the log.  Once your log is full it’s time to celebrate!

Examples of actions worth acknowledging:

  • Working really hard on homework
  • Sharing
  • Playing quietly together without arguing
  • Being patient and waiting your turn
  • Helping around the house without being asked
  • Giving a compliment to a sibling or friend
  • Pushing through something challenging
  • Being a good sibling or friend

This kindness calendar will help you raise kind, caring, thoughtful kids who acknowledge others and encourage each other’s success.

This file includes 3 separate designs so you can chose which you like best! We suggest laminating the chart so you can use it over and over again.



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kindness calendar

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