Morning routine for kids

I don’t know many parents who enjoy mornings.  Getting your kids up and out the door can feel like you’ve run a marathon before your day even starts.  It seems like the mornings that I have something I absolutely can not be late for are when everything falls apart.

Your daily routine for the kids may look something like this:

  1. Tell them to get out of bed over and over again.
  2. Make them breakfast and throw half of it away.
  3. Remind them to brush their teeth at least five times.
  4. Yell at them to put their shoes on while you’re rushing to throw lunch together.
  5. Remind them again to brush their teeth and put their shoes on while you try to find their homework.
  6. Tell them to go back upstairs and brush their hair and ask them why you have to always remind them of this.

Sound familiar?

One thing I’ve learned about having a successful morning routine for kids is that I first need to have a successful morning routine for myself.


How can kids make the morning better?

Here are some obvious things that are important to the morning routine for both you and your kids.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
  2. Pack lunches and bags the night before.
  3. Lay out your clothes the night before.
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast
  5. Use a chart or system to help keep kids on track

These are all important components to a successful start to your day, but there’s more to it than being organized (though that’s a great start).  My morning routine was inspired by the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  For several years I’ve been focused on starting my day with intention, but it only works when I wake up before my kids and have anough quiet time to complete my routine.  As my kids have started to sleep in later that has become easier for me to do, but what about when they can’t sleep in?

My daughter is entering middle school this year and is preparing to wake up earlier.  She recently mentioned that she wants to have her own morning routine that includes meditation, affirmations, and journaling.  I was so excited to hear this and it was such a great reminder that our kids model our behavior.  Your morning routine is just as much for them as it is for you!

As my kids are getting a little older (8 and 11) I’ve realized they are at the perfect age to start building better morning habits that will set them up for success later in life.  I really wish someone had taught me this when I was younger!

Morning Routine for Kids

Creating new habits

A habit is something you do regularly, such as brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Habits shape your life far more than you may realize. More than 40 percent of the actions you perform each day aren’t actual decisions, but habits.  Not only are habits important, but they also grow stronger and stronger over time.

Practicing mindfulness and starting each and every day with intention is a habit that will provide positive rewards over time.


Daily routine for kids

Practicing mindfulness as part of your morning routine for kids is the best way to set yourself up for a successful, calm day.  Sometimes this requires you to wake up a little earlier (and go to bed earlier the night before).  In some cases, it may mean setting boundaries around electronics first thing in the morning (yes, I’m talking about myself).  Only you know your schedule, habits, and needs so you need to build healthy habits that work best for your family.

Here are six suggested habits to work into your morning routine with your kids:


Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude by journaling or another means is such an important part of your day.  This is the first habit I suggest starting your day with.  Learn more about the importance of a gratitude habit here.



I love this book for kids.  It’s such a simple and fun way to introduce your kids to meditation.


Exercise or Stretching

YouTube has lots of options for stretching, kids yoga, and more.  Cosmic Kids Yoga is one of our favorites!



I choose to read or listen to personal development in the morning.  Kids could read a devotional each morning.

This is one of my favorite books that teach girls to take risks, embrace failure and be themselves!



This is a great time to pull out a blank or guided journal and reflect.



Positive affirmations are a great way to start your day.  Click here to learn more about how to incorporate this important habit into your child’s day.


Your child’s daily morning routine

You can do all or some of these things each morning.  I suggest starting with one small habit and adding on as you feel comfortable.  

Your kid’s daily morning routine may look something like this

  • 5- 10 minutes of yoga
  • 5 minutes of gratitude journaling
  • 2 minutes of meditation
  • 2 minutes affirmations
  • Get ready for the day!

Once you and your kids have both taken the time to practice mindfulness and self-care you will be better prepared to get through the daily grind. 

Will every morning be sunshine and rainbows?  Absolutely not! But it will allow you and your kids to remain calm, focused, and excited to start your day (most of the time).