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I’m so passionate about using gratitude journals with kids that I started creating my own journals called Thankful ThoughtsIt’s my dream to share these journals with children all around the world.  I want every family to experience the connection and positivity of using a gratitude journal.

When I created Thankful Thoughts I wanted something a little different than what was out there.  I created a simple journal that would allow kids to not only think about gratitude but also express the positive and negative feelings they are having each day.  My generation was often taught to keep our feelings to ourselves.  As an adult, I realize that it’s so important to acknowledge our children’s feelings no matter how big or small they may seem to us. Teaching children to identify and express their emotions as they talk through their highs and lows of the day will help them build a strong social-emotional foundation.

Thankful Thoughts has the following journal prompts:

  • What are you grateful for?
  • Today’s highs
  • Today’s lows
  • A question that changes each day

The last question of the journal asks a different question each day.  These questions encourage kids to think about something they may not have and prompt discussion between parents and kids. 

It’s our goal to help inspire every child to practice gratitude and mindfulness, so we’ve made these free printable worksheets available to everyone.

You will receive 2 front to back worksheets from our Thankful Thoughts Gratitude Journal for Kids and Write Your Worries Away, A Journal to Write about Your Worries.


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