Kindness & Compliment Log – FREE Printable


This kindness challenge will encourage your children to treat each other with respect and kindness while learning to acknowledge each other’s strengths, accomplishments and effort.

The idea is to work toward a common goal by finding and acknowledging when each other does something kind, helpful or really awesome.  Simply print this log, chose a special way to celebrate when it’s complete and put it on your refrigerator (or any other central place in your house).  Each time someone in the house witnesses one of these acts write it down on the log.  Once your log is full it’s time to celebrate!

Examples of actions worth acknowledging:

  • Working really hard on homework
  • Sharing
  • Playing quietly together without arguing
  • Being patient and waiting your turn
  • Helping around the house without being asked
  • Giving a compliment to a sibling or friend
  • Pushing through something challenging
  • Being a good sibling or friend

This kindness calendar will help you raise kind, caring, thoughtful kids who acknowledge others and encourage each other’s success.

This file includes 3 separate designs so you can chose which you like best! We suggest laminating the chart so you can use it over and over again.



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