My Prayer Journal


My Prayer Journal is a guided Christian gratitude journal for kids. 

This self-exploration journal for children will help your child connect with God, inspire them to appreciate and see the work of God around them, and create a daily routine that includes prayer and reflection.

  • Do you want your child to build a better relationship with Christ?
  • Do you want to instill daily prayer a positive relationship with God and church?
  • Do you want to teach your child to be mindful and grateful for the Lord’s work?

Our 90 page journal includes:

  • A Bible Verse that changes daily
  • Space to write or draw your thoughts about the Bible verse
  • Today I thank God for prompt
  • Today I’m praying for prompt
  • Thank you God for answering these prayers prompt

Use this journal before bed or at a special time each day.  Journaling helps instill mindfulness, connection, structure and routine in children.  This journal will help you connect with your child through discussion about the Bible verse to help them understand the word of God.

This makes a great unique keepsake gift for Easter, Christmas, friends, cousins, and family members.



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