My Summer Journal: a Journal to Write about Summer Adventures


My Summer Journal is a guided journal for kids to to keep track of their summer adventures.

Do you want a FUN way for them to practice their writing skills, connect with their feelings, practice gratitude, and keep track of what they do each day?.

This 8.5×11 journal is designed for ages 5-11 and includes:

☀️Space to write about their favorite and least favorite parts of summer, what they are looking forward to and more.
☀️A page to write their summer bucket list.
☀️A page to keep track of things to do when they are bored.
☀️A reading log to track their summer reading goal and progress.
☀️60 days of daily journal pages that include space to write about their day, what they are grateful for, how they are feelings, today’s weather and more.
☀️Daily writing prompts with space to draw and write.

Years from now you’ll look back on this summer and remember long sunny days playing in the yard, reading more books, exploring nature and connecting as a family. Help your kids create a keepsake of this unique summer at home. 🥰

My Summer at home journal will help your children:

  • Practice writing
  • Remember to be grateful and appreciative
  • Self-reflect on their day
  • Connect with their feelings and emotions
  • Create memories to look back on

This makes a great gift for friends, cousins, sisters and brothers.  Grab a copy today!



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