My School Journal and Planner


The ultimate student journal and planner!

Designed for students in grades 2-6, this is a journal and student planner in one!

This 8.5×11 journal is for elementary school or early middle school students who are ready to start setting age appropriate goals and using a very simple student planner to hold themselves accountable for activities, homework, and household responsibilities.  It encourages a growth mindset and builds confidence through guided journal prompts, gratitude prompts, goal setting and affirmations.

This weekly journal and planner includes:

✓ Space to write up to 6 goals and action steps to accomplish these goals for the school year

✓ A simple weekly student planner to track daily activities, homework and home responsibilities

✓ A list of positive thoughts and affirmations to choose from each week.

✓ Weekly journal pages include space to record the best parts of school that week, gratitude, what I’m reading, goal progress and thoughts for the week.

✓ A weekly growth mindset journal prompt to encourage self reflection.

My School Journal and Planner will help your child:

★ Develop a growth mindset

★ Learn to keep a simple weekly schedule and hold themselves accountable

★ Practice writing

★ Remember to be grateful and appreciative

★ Self-reflect on their week at school

★ Connect with their feelings and emotions

★ Create a keepsake of their school year to look back on



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